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Abstract Title: Poly- and perfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS): the gathering storm for chemical regulatory professionals, and the industry
Presenter Name: Dr Emma Pemberton
Company/Organisation: Ricardo Energy & Environment
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

PFAS are a group of synthetic organofluorine chemicals that have been widely used in consumer and industrial applications since the 1940s. Often termed ‘forever chemicals’ because of their persistence; their stability and environmental mobility has resulted in widespread environmental contamination.rnScientific understanding of the risks and challenges in managing PFAS has grown significantly, with some PFAS now associated with serious health impacts. Media interest and public awareness is growing, because of cases associated with significant contamination of drinking water sources and impacts on human health. rnEven if sources of PFAS getting into the environment are stopped, environmental concentrations will decline slowly, and the legacy of contamination is challenging to remediate. rnThe regulatory landscape is changing rapidly, and internationally there is a movement towards significantly tighter management and restriction of PFAS and lower regulatory environmental thresholds for a wide range of PFAS. rnThis session will:rn• look at definitions of PFAS, common terminology, nature of usern• describe some of the challenges faced – why are we all talking about PFAS?rn• examine some of the evidence around environmental contamination by PFASrn• look at the regulatory landscape, with a focus on Europe and the UKrn

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