WWEM 2020

WWEM 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Overcoming Challenging SM 5310B TOC Determination of Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Samples
Presenter Name: Mr John F. Welsh
Company/Organisation: OI Analytical
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

Total organic carbon (TOC) is often used as a non-specific indicator of water quality. In the natural process of our environment and the man-made processes of industry the ubiquitous nature of carbon provides a screening tool to determine the status of water quality. Customers need a reliable TOC system that can determine contamination from natural occurring compounds, man-made compounds, viruses, bacteria or biological growth. Total Organic Carbon analyzers determine the amount of total carbon in a sample aliquot. Total Organic Carbon is comprised of an Inorganic (TIC) and Organic fraction. The Inorganic fraction consists of the carbonate and bicarbonate compounds. In order to make an accurate determination of the Organic fraction, the analyzer must remove, or quantify, the Inorganic fraction of the sample aliquot.