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Abstract Title: Microplastics in aquatic environments and health
Presenter Name: Dr Fay Couceiro
Company/Organisation: University of Portsmouth
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Microplastics are ubiquitous in our environments, soils and sediments, the air we breathe and in all our waters. In this presentation I will discuss what we know about microplastics in the aquatic environment and what we know about their impacts on environmental and human health. This will encompass wastewater effluents, freshwaters and marine waters, the main microplastics types found in each, and what we know about their ability to act a vectors. rnOnce microplastics are in environmental waters they are too difficult and expensive to recover so it is essential we start to think about the best places for interventions to be placed and what those interventions might look like. Some of these interventions and locations will be included in the presentation for discussion later.rn

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