WWEM 2020

WWEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Feed-forward feed-back load control of Activated Sludge Process (Providing utilities with compliance assurance, energy savings and process optimisation)
Presenter Name: Mr Michael Dooley
Company/Organisation: Processplus with Strathkelvin Instruments
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Case Studies from the Award Winning Multi-Parameter Instrument the ASP-Con with feed-forward feed back load control

Reviewing case study data from several installations throughout the world showing how big data from the Activated sludge process can be integrated into an online control system to

  1. Ensure compliance and predict potential failures.
  2. Optimise aeration energy consumption.
  3. Assist continuous improvement investigation and design.
  4. Size blower systems
  5. Provide in sewer load and toxicity monitoring.
  6. Parameter measurements include OUR, DO, Ammonium, MLSS, Temperature, pH, SVI/SSVI and TSS