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Abstract Title: Calibration Free pH Sensing
Presenter Name: Mr Neel Sisodia
Co-authors/Co-presenters:Dr Nathan Lawrence
Company/Organisation: ANB Sensors
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

A fundamental issue with current pH sensors is the phenomenon of reference electrode drift, which severely degrades the sensors operational performance, causing inaccuracy and making them unsuitable for deployment in todays smart sensor internet of things systems, as they have to be manually calibrated. In-situ pH sensors have enormous potential across many industries from monitoring river water supplies to QA in industrial processes, but the need for frequent calibration to account for drift severely limits use of in-situ, online pH sensors manual calibration makes up to 70 of the sensors lifetime cost. ANB Sensors patented AQ sensor range is an all solid state pH sensor which incorporates their iRef technology. The iRef allows for the in-situ tracking of and compensation for reference potential drift in real-time and without end user intervention, making the AQ sensor truly calibration free in all deployments. ANB Sensors have demonstrated the iRef technology can operate over a wide temperature range, is independent of anions Cl, Br, SCN, S, cations K, Na, Ca, Mg, solution pH, and has an equivalence operation of 300 days and counting. The AQ technology is ideally suited for todays water and wastewater monitoring needs with the fact that the technology provides accurate measurements +-0.05 pH units without the need to recalibrate, is robust, can be stored wet or dry and can be packaged into a small form.rnThis presentation will highlight the principles behind both the iRef technology and the AQ solid state pH sensor as well as present field data from the sensor. It will give further insights into how the iRef technology can be used in other electrochemical sensors, therefore eliminating reference electrode drift as a problem, making todays sensor smart and suitable for online field monitoring.rn

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