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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract

Abstract Title: Optical Gas Imaging for Continuous Monitoring of Methane Emissions
Presenter Name: Mr Francisco Corts
Company/Organisation: SENSIA Solutions
Country: Spain

Abstract Information :

AUTOMATED OPTICAL GAS IMAGING OGI FOR CONTINUOUS AND UNATTENDED MONITORING OF METHANE EMISSIONS OF SITES AND COMPONENTSrn rnGas and Flame detectors are traditionally based on non-imaging technology in the ultraviolet UV and InfraRed IR wavelengths. Nowadays, the performance rate of Artificial Intelligence AI imaging devices such as IR cameras can overcome limitations of solutions based on single detector technology in a cost-effective way. The transition from single element detectors to Intelligent Gas amp; Flame imaging solutions is enabling a new paradigm in the operation of unmanned Oil amp; Gas sites from a safety, environmental, and cost-effectiveness perspective.rnrnThe continuous monitoring of sites by automated and unattended OGI will allow real-time emissions assessment at both, component, and site levels. In addition to that environmental compliance need, this technology will allow the simultaneous detection of flames, intrusion, the temperature of component measurement, etc. Situational awareness is a key benefit provided only by an imaging-based solution.rnrnFurthermore, the comprehensive management of the vast amount of information collected by such solutions is possible thanks to cloud data and video streaming dashboards.rnrnRedLook technology is the first-of-a-kind of solutions that enable the implementation of OGI for continuous monitoring in a reliable way.rnrnReliability of Detection:rnFalse alarm rate lt; 1 false positive per yearrnProbability of detection of a 0.1 gr of CH4 s 50 meters range gt; 98rnProbability of detection of a 33x33 cm2 heptane flame EN54-10 50 meters range gt; 99.9rnAlert time: from 2 seconds in good weather conditions up to 10 seconds in bad weather conditions and high clutter scenarios.rnGas Leak Rate QuantificationrnrnMultifunctionality: Real-time and simultaneous Detection of gas and flame with a single camera.rnOther features: Pan amp; tilt for a wider scanning area, Methane laser for PPMM quantification, MODBUS, OPC, ONVIF, etc.rnOther additional automated functionalities: Person detection, forbidden area, temperature monitoring of components, flare monitoring and unburned hydrocarbons alerts.rn

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