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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract

Abstract Title: Measurements of Methane Emissions in the German Gas Distribution Grid
Presenter Name: Ms Charlotte Groe
Company/Organisation: DBI Gas- und Umwelttechnik GmbH
Country: Germany

Abstract Information :

The aim of the DVGW project ME DSO project was to determine current national emission factors EF for the German gas distribution network. rnTo carry out the measurements, a comprehensive measurement programme and associated measurement protocols were developed within the project, which can serve as a basis for future measurements. rnIn total, 126 measurements were conducted on detected leaks on underground pipelines main lines and service lines and 159 measurements took part on gas pressure regulating and meter stations. rnThe applied measurement procedure was the so-called suction method, which measures pipeline leaks directly in the soil by sucking the leak flow through probes. rnOn the gas pressure regulating and meter stations, the same measurements principle was applied but in an adapted way using the building as an enclosure to capture all possible leaks and measure the methane concentration in the sucked air. The stations were selected according to a statistical method regardless of prior leak detection.rnThe results were evaluated with statistical methods Bootstrap, Monte Carlo, and error propagation to define uncertainties of the emission factors. rnThe presentation will give an overview of the project, the applied methods, and the results.rn

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