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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract

Abstract Title: Integrated Measurement amp; Mitigation of Methane Flaring amp; Emissions
Presenter Name: Mr Greg Coleman
Company/Organisation: Future Energy Partners Ltd
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

Before the flaring and emission cold venting and fugitive emissions of methane can be mitigated or even eliminated, they need to be measured.rnForensic review of the Annual Reporting of oil amp; gas companies of all sizes, and companies from other industries such as steel or cement making, reveals that little is actually measured at the present time. Much is based on the performance of equipment during idealised laboratory tests so-called engineering estimates - and much current practice with respect to actual observations is best described as monitoring or noticing. It is not a surprise therefore that where true measurements are available they can be tens of percentage points higher than what a company has reported.rnrnOur starting point is that flaring, cold venting and fugitive emissions also known as leaks have different spatial and temporal dimensions for example a flare can be thought of as a point source of intense heat that may exist for months, even years, whereas a serious methane leak may be observed over a large area but over a relatively short time frame.rnrnThis means that a complete observation of an industrial facility must integrate several different technologies that measure on different dimensions and different time scale for example sensors borne by satellites or UAVs, mounted as fixed stations, or worn on operational staffs PPE all of which offer different images of the physical world.rnAnd, most importantly, there is a new generation of quantum technology-based sensors that promise actual, reliable, measurements.rnrnThe integration of this multi-physics into actionable displays for use by operational andor control room staff represents a significant data management and analytical challenge, and this will be a central theme of our presentation.I

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