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Industrial Methane Measurement Conference - Abstract

Abstract Title: Fast and reliable methane quantification Aeromons hyperlocal and mobile real-time emission monitoring and analysis applications.
Presenter Name: Dr Matti Irjala
Company/Organisation: Aeromon Oy
Country: Finland

Abstract Information :

Fugitive emissions cause material losses and are harmful for personnel and the environment. In the past, there has not been an efficient way to monitor these various gaseous compounds or measure their impact.rnrnAeromon is the market leader in Unmanned Aerial System-assisted fugitive emission measurements for industrial customers. We provide contextualized, real-time, and actionable data on airborne emissions ranging from various gaseous compounds to particulate matter. The proprietary Aeromon Cloud Service provides automated web reports with emission heat maps and 3D data visualization in real time. rnrnOur measuring device and reporting solution further enables OGMP 2.0 level 5 or site-level measurements for mass flow quantification of methane. This measurement service has been widely tested in field conditions and is not limited to just methane, allowing for the quantification of other gaseous compounds. rnrnThe present lack of data on methane is the biggest barrier to the development of directed policies aimed at the effective reduction of methane emissions. Aeromon has the technology and expertise needed to gather information both holistically and efficiently throughout the various sites the industry has to offer. rnrnAeromons services, which include quantifying emission sources, have been compared against conventional leak detection, or bottom-up measurement techniques, as well as other novel site-level measuring methods in several research and test campaigns with highly promising results. These will be published for public consumption during Q1 this year.rnrnThe solution provided by Aeromon offers a truly holistic picture of the present airborne emissions. Initial results can always be seen on-site as the measurements advance, whilst more elaborate reports containing easy to understand, visualized results on fugitive emissions and their propagation are given after the analysis stage. The quantification of mass flows is based on a combination of emission measurements, local and general weather, and source features in reverse dispersion modelling RDM. rnrnWith more than 7 years of experience working with the cutting edge in sensor technologies, along with proven methods for detecting fugitive emissions from harmful or hard to reach locations, Aeromon has become the market leader, demonstrating accuracy in its data analysis, cost efficiency, and professionalism within the evolving fugitive emission markets. rn

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