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CEM INDIA 2024 - Exhibitor - B3 Systems

B3 Systems is a support-based company providing a specialized range of products and services, which are divided between baghouses and particulate matter (PM) continuous emission monitor systems (CEMS).
B3 Systems’ patented method of PM Spiking for calibrating PM CEMS has a track-record as a time-saving process for initial calibration and response correlation audit (RCA) portions of PS11 systems.
PM Spiking allows you to calibrate over a wider concentration range without detuning or changing process conditions with the confidence of not exceeding your permitted limit. By using our PM Spiking services, you can quickly change testing conditions and stack PM concentrations. This ability can reduce the total onsite time needed to get the required data points.
In addition to PM Spiking services, B3 Systems manufactures and distributes a wide range of dust monitors and bag leak detectors suitable for many applications. Whether you are looking for a individual sensors, advanced control systems, or monitoring for combustible dust build-up- B3 Systems has a product to fit your needs.


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Products on Display at CEM INDIA

Dust Sensors: Three models (Titan, Atlas, Scout) of our dust sensor which utilizes Dynamic Induction technology and comes equipped with advanced QA checks and our patented Rod Isolation Check (RIC)
Controllers & Interfaces: Three models (eSentry 4, Sentinel 1, Sentinel 4) that allow you to communicate with 1-4 Titan or Atlas Sensors, or integrate seamlessly with your existing plant PLC depending on the needs of your application.
Guardian Monitors: Two models (Optical or Capacitance Monitoring) designed to alert you to particulate build-up before there is a problem. The Guardian gives you peace of mind in areas where combustible dust is a concern.

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