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  1. At the time of allowing all Electronics / Electrical and Mechanical and associated equipment within the property, a visual check by the Engineering team is to be carried out at the gate/Vendor entry. Any equipment found not suitable in respect of safety protocols, the same should not be allowed inside the property.
  2. Always, all emergency exits should be free from all obstruction and A clear space of 2 meter shall be maintained on all sides within banquet halls & between temporary structures.
  3. Gangway, zonal/cross gangways shall be provided after every 10 rows of seats, width of such passage being not less than 1.5 meter.
  4. Fire Escape routes, corridors, Manual Call Points, Fire Hydrant cabinets & Fire Extinguishers must be free from any type of obstructions.
  5. Candle, combustible material like flammable, explosive material and any open flame activity should be prohibited within the hotel.
  6. Fire juggling, Pyros and use of Fog/Haze machine is not allowed inside.
  7. If compressed gases like N2, He, O2 etc. are to be used within the hotel, the cylinders should have valid HP test certificate with reducers and calibrated flow meters and gauges to be used. Before it is allowed within the hotel, it is to be checked by the Fire Safety / Engineering department.
  8. While the area is under preparation, job specific safety equipment and PPEs like safety helmet, safety belt and safety shoes etc. are to be used by the worker. Permit for the high-risk jobs such as work at height (> 6 feet above the ground), Welding work, usages of electrically operated handheld tools / tackles are to be acquired well before commencing the work.
  9. The Electrical connections should be in the form of Ring and not crisscross format. Cables should be pass using Electric wire concealment ramp track with flip open top and entanglement of cables not allowed. All type of cables must be free from any joints / cuts. In case of any joint required, must use cable connectors. Insulation of cables & wires should be in good condition.
  10. All cable must be three cores & three pin plug tops to be used with proper earthling arrangements
  11. Only spark proof industrial sockets to be used for extension. Extension cables used to be of appropriate load carrying capacity and should be double sleeved without temporary joints. There should be safety/protection device on the extension board as well as on each extension point to avoid short circuit and overloading.
  12. All DBs and electric equipment should be equipped with 30 mA ELCB / RCCB.
  13. Good Housekeeping to be maintained inside the ballrooms and back area of the stage.
  14. Slicing and Joints are not allowed, only industrial sockets should be used for extensions of cables.
  15. Cables, behind the stage should not be tangles and high and low power source shouldn’t be mixed.
  16. Materials used for making the stage should be free from any crack, uneven base, sharp pointed edge.
  17. Ensure the following before making equipment live: -
    1. Cable connectivity to the thimbles is secured properly.
    2. Good quality of insulation is only allowed.
    3. Heavy metallic parts are not dumped on the cables.
    4. Coiling of cables not permitted; cables should be laid out in lengths.
    5. Cable laying trays should be used to avoid any Electrocution.
  18. Extension boards should be of good quality with correct fuse & without any damage. It should be used with correct type rating plugs.
  19. All extra material shall be removed from the ball room once the setup is complete.
  20. All electrical work shall be done by qualified electrician and wiring shall be of armored cables /FRLS.
  21. Raw power equipment's or heavy-duty equipment's should not be plugged in UPS socket. UPS socket is provided only for AV usage.
  22. The temporary/decorative lighting arrangements shall be installed by a licensed contractor. The circuit load and installation shall be as par IS: 1646. To ensure balanced load distribution in each circuit. Each socket electrical loading should not exceed 1 Kw.
  23. Ensure the following during the event set up.
    1. The personnel working inside should be well trained and qualified,
    2. Usages of Personal Protective Equipment such as Safety Helmets, Safety shoes, Safety belt, Safety belt with shock absorber for more than 2.8-meter height, Gloves etc. are mandatory.
    3. Use for Fireproof Material for Canopy, if installed.
    4. Use of serviceable Aluminum Ladders with rubber boot only to be used.
    5. Battery banks are not placed inside the Ballroom.
    6. Industrial Plugs and Sockets are only to be used.
  24. Uses of Halogen / Heat emitting / Decorative light should be used with proper safety guards.
  25. Resting of labor under the temporary stage/structure is prohibited
  26. All walkway/banquet corridor /Fire Exits way must be free from any type of obstruction
  27. It is suggested to use only LED lights instead of halogen or incandescent lights for decorations.
  28. Area behind the stage should be free from any hazard, electric cables should be laid only through Electric wire concealment ramp track with flip open to avoid the entanglement / short circuit / electrocution etc. Unwanted items should not be dumped behind the stage.
  29. Do not tamper with smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, fire alarms tor sprinkler systems.
  30. Materials used for décor shall not generate toxic smoke/fumes.
  31. While making the seating arrangement, adequate space between the rows, column should be maintained for the free movement of the man & material. Aisles are required on both the sides and the middle of sitting arrangement.
  32. Following are strictly restricted inside the weeding event premises: -
    1. Use of cigarettes / E-cigarettes / bidi / Hookah etc.
    2. Use of flares / fire works
    3. Use of fogging machine and chemical.
    4. Use of compressed gas cylinders.
  33. The stages and other setups should have adequate height, the erected structures should be adequately supported and fastened to withstand the heavy wind gust, unexpected pressure due to push OR pull.
  34. All Cabling which are travelling from DG to Connection Panel must travel from overhead hanger.
  35. There should not be any spillage of liquids or any other material in any area.
  36. Event manager should be informed, if any especially abled person is attending the event and no inflammable materials should be unattended in banquet ballroom.
  37. End to end electric supply should be properly secured. No loose connection is allowed.
  38. The stages and other setups should have adequate height, the erected structures should be adequately supported and fastened to withstand the heavy wind gust, unexpected pressure due to push OR pull.
  39. For Electrical connections following should be ensured: -
    1. All end-to-end connectivity are to be securely connected.
    2. There is not breakage in the insulation of cables.
    3. Heavy metallic parts are not dumped on the cables.
    4. Coiling of cables not permitted cables should be laid out in lengths.
    5. Cable Laying trays should be used to avoid any Electrocution / short circuit.
    6. Only industrial standard plugs and sockets are allowed.
    7. All electrical operations should only be done by the competent and certified personnel.

I / we have read and hereby accept the above stated conditions and guidelines with respect to electrical arrangements & other dos's & don'ts; and undertake to adhered to the same at all times of our engagement and while using / connecting any external gadgets / electrical equipment’s at the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi property on 1 CBD, Maharaja Surajmal Road and fully understand that any violations of the above conditions and or resultant damage would attract strict liability on our part for which we would have to compensate the Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi property. Furthermore, Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi will not be responsible for any kind of safety violations & its correspondence consequences.

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