WWEM - Exhibitor - Radio Data Networks Limited

Radio Data Networks is a leading UK-based designer and manufacturer of smart networks, radio telemetry, satellite, plus applied IoT solutions, applied to water, wastewater and flood management.
The portfolio includes off-grid power, radio telemetry, smart sensors, solar-powered retrofit flow controllers, pollution containment devices (PCD) with the option of data deliervy to BMS or a dashboard.
Customers include the EA, NRW, Utilities, Industry, Network Rail, Transport for Wales, Local Government and various FCRIP programmes.


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Products on Display at WWEM

RDNET1000 Radio Telemetry Systems
Retrofit flow Controls and Diversion Regulators
Smart Cameras - Event Triggered Cameras (Sensor)
Off-grid solar power solutions, from Solar Kiosks to Solar Adapters
Groundwater Level Monitors
Portable Gauging Stations
Fixed Gauging Stations
Gauge Boards
Flood Alarms
Drain and Sewer Alarms
Oil Interceptor Monitors
Cellular Gateways
Pump Controls
Solar Powered Leachate Abstraction
Leachate Level Monitoring & Pump Control
Bespoke retrofit V-Notch weirs to MCERTS standards
Bespoke IoT solutions
Bespoke Iridium Data Solutions
Ofcom licenced radio telemetry

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