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Flexim is part of Emerson, a global company providing innovative solutions for the world’s essential industries. FLEXIM measures flow non-invasively; raw water, potable, wastewater or sludge. Install FLEXIM meters without supply interruption, or costly pipe & civils work. Robustly clamped outside the pipe, Flexim meters any pipe size, wear-free by design & built for durable installation in the most demanding environments, on all pipe materials: CS, SS, Ductile Iron, Grey Cast Iron, Cement Asbestos, Lined Pipes, Plastic Pipes, PCCP (Pre-stressed Concrete Cylindrical Pipe), etc. Meters are MCERTS certified & include Advanced Meter Verification for predictive maintenance & operational confidence.


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Products on Display at WWEM

Water flowmeters - raw water, potable, wastewater and sludge. Fixed, permanent flow meters Portable flowmeters for flow checks ATEX certified fixed and portable meters for methane environments

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