WWEM 2018 - Conference Programme

Hot Topics Dominate the WWEM Analytical Conference!

Following feedback from industry the WWEM Conference committee have designed the scientific programme around a number of key themes which have been highlighted as current " hot topics" for the analytical community.

The first day of WWEM presentations will start with the issues of mirco-plastics with two talks on the detection and measurement of micro-plastics in water and environmental matrices and we are very pleased to have our opening plenary lecture by Dr Andrew Mayes from the University of East Anglia on the Detection and Counting Microplastics - Is Nile Red the Answer? The main theme of the day is On-Line and At-Site Analysis with six talks covering a diverse application range on this important topic. The day concludes with 3 talks covering the theme Metals and Nutrients followed by the very popular Happy Hour networking event.

Day 2 starts with two presentations on Analysis for Passive Sampling with the Plenary lecture by Prof Gary Fones from Portsmouth University on the Application of Chemcatcher passive sampler for monitoring acidic herbicides in two UK river catchments followed by six talks on Waste Water Screening and concluding with two talks on Sensing Water Quality.

Overall the WWEM Conference has a very strong programme featuring new approaches to solving analysis problems of high priority to a WWEM audience and we look forward to welcoming you for all or part of the conference in November.

Online and At-Site Water Analysis - Day 1 (21st November 2018)
Time Presentation Speaker Bio Company
Session 1: Microplastics (Chairman: Tom Lynch)
09:30 Detecting and Counting Microplastics - Is Nile Red the Answer? Dr Andrew Mayes University of East Anglia
10:10 Forensic Science meets Artificial Intelligence: Innovative technologies to aid the monitoring of marine litter pollution. Dr Claire Gwinnett Staffordshire University
Coffee Break & Networking (10:30 - 11:15)
Session 2: On-Line and At-Site Analysis (Chairman: Tom Lynch)
11:15 Using Automated On-Line Monitoring to produce Lab-Grade Data for monitoring pollutants Phine Banks   Anatune
11:45 Being everywhere at once! - How IoT can help you unlock your water data Mr Paul Sanders Caption Data Ltd
12:05 Real-time Aquifer Monitoring for Shale Oil and Gas Extraction Dr Maj Frederiksen Danish Technological Institute
12:35 Ion selective field effect transistors: highly versatile tools for accurate detection of ions in water Dr Raquel da Cruz Barros Wellinq
Lunch and Exhibition (12:55 - 14:10)
Session 3: On-Line and At-Site Analysis (Chairman: Prof Gary Fones)
14:10 Smart Sensor Buoy for early detection of Water Pollution Agents Dr Dennis Bakir Innovator_Institut
14:40 Monitoring of water chemistry using novel droplet-based microfluidic sensors - in a high frequency and at a low cost Dr Xize Niu SouthWestSensor Ltd
Coffee Break & Networking(15:00 - 15:30)
15:30 Simple Analysis of Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Combination with TOC in Aqueous Samples Mr Peter Morgan Elementar UK Ltd
15:50 Determination of the 5-days BOD in only 48 h through an innovative ready-to-use analytical kit Dr Mathieu Muller AMS Envolure
16:10 Trace Analysis of Engineered Silver Nanomaterials in Environmental Water Samples Mr Paul Clarke Postnova Analytics UK Ltd
Close and Happy Hour (16:30)
BMSS/EFASIG Conference on Passive Sampling, Wastewater Screening and Sensing Water Quality - Day 2 (22nd November 2018)
Time Presentation Speaker Bio Company
Session 5: Analysis for Passive Sampling (EFASIG) (Chairman: Prof Graham Mills)
09:30 Application of the Chemcatcher passive sampler for monitoring acidic herbicides in two UK river catchments Prof Gary Fones Portsmouth University
10:10 Exploring the advantages of automated Sample Preparation and GC-TOF for SVOC & Pesticide Analysis in Environmental Waters Mr John Quick ALS Environmental
Coffee Break & Networking (10:30 - 11:15)
Session 6: Waste Water Screening (EFASIG) (Chairman: Prof Graham Mills)
11:15 Aspects of Ion Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry & Recent Advances Dr Detlef Jensen Thermo Fisher Scientific
11:45 High resolution mass spectrometry in the analysis of oil and gas waste water streams Ms Sian Davies BP
12:05 Online monitoring of VOCs from waste effluent by GC-FID and GC-TOF MS Dr Laura McGregor SepSolve Analytical
12:35 Improved GC/MS identification rates for untargeted waste water screening due to advanced deconvolution tools Dr Marco Ruijken MsMetrix
Lunch and Exhibition (12:55 - 14:10)
Session 7: Waste Water Screening (EFASIG) (Chairman: Tom Lynch)
14:10 Screening of pharmaceutical and other medicinal compounds within environmental samples Dr Ruth Godfery Swansea University
14:40 Rapid measurement of FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease) from waste-water using bench-top NMR Dr Kevin Nott Oxford Instruments
Coffee Break & Networking (15:00 - 15:30)
Session 8: Sensing Water Quality (Chairman: Tom Lynch)
15:30 Taste and Odour challenges and the world's most sensitive detector Ms Kathy Ridgway Anatune
15:50 Water to Cloud: A cyberphysical sensing system to monitor high frequency temporal and spatial variation in river water quality parameters Mr Priyank Hirani IME, University of Chicago
Conference Close (16:10)

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