PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: Comparison of GCxGC-VUVFIDMS for the analysis of alternative fuels
Abstract Type: Seminar
Session Choice: Comprehensive technology 2D GC, 2D LC applications
Presenter Name: Dr Max Jennerwein
Co-authors:Dr Klaus Trster
Company/Organisation: ASG Analytik-Service AG
Country: Germany

Abstract Information :

Alternative or renewable fuels are getting more and more important as drop-in fuels or complete substitute of petrochemical products. One example for a feedstock is pyrolysis oil, that can be obtained from biomass or plastic. The complexity of pyrolysis oil is an analytical challenge and makes the introduction of new techniques inevitable. Established methods often fail to provide correct results. rnThis presentation focuses on the suitability of the hyphenation of two-dimensional gas chromatography and various detection techniques. The advantages and disadvantages of detection techniques like vacuum-UV, FID and mass spectrometry will be evaluated and compared. A snapshot of the current status of our in-house method development as well as an overview of the state of the art in research will be presented. The final goal of the ongoing method development is to achieve a practical analytical approach that is fast, reliable, cost-efficient. For this purpose recurring questions regarding the composition are also taken into account. rn