Air pollution monitoring filters on display in India

Minipore MicroMinipore Micro Products is one of the leading manufacturers of air pollution monitoring filters including glass fiber filters, thimbles, PTFE membrane filters for PM2.5 monitoring, quantitative ashless filters, filter tapes and membranes. The company ill be displaying some of these products at CEM India, on stand 60.

Air quality is degrading day by day, and pollution monitoring is becoming expensive. Minipore manufactures the filters used in monitoring so that the frequency of monitoring can be increased and cost is not a barrier.

Minipore belives that their products are comparable with benchmark international manufacturers, but are available at more economical prices. With dealers in many countries all around the globe, Minipore is expanding and creating more awareness among customers that the same quality filters can be procured at a much cheaper price so that monitoring costs can be reduced.

Minipore customers in India include all major state pollution control boards and other pollution monitoring labs. The company also manufactures filter tape rolls for continuous ambient air monitoring used in BAM monitoring stations and other CAAQMS.