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Abstract Title: Use of Biochar to Reduce Mercury Accumulation in Oryza Sativa L: a Trial for Sustainable Management of Polluted Soil
Presenter Name: Yi Man
Company/Institution: Institute of Geochemistry,Chinese academy of sciences
Session: Human Exposure and Risk Assessment of Hg
Co-Authors: Yi Man

Abstract Information :

Mitigating the risk of mercury contamination in rice soils using environmental friendly amendments is essential to reducing the probable daily intake (PDI) of MeHg via rice consumption. Here, we examined the impacts of different doses (0% (control), 0.6% and 3%) of rice hull-derived biochar (RHB) and mixture of wheatrice straw-derived biochar (RWB) on the fractionation, phytoavailability, and uptake of total mercury and methylmercury by rice in Hg-polluted soil (THg = 78.3 mg /kg) collected from Wanshan Hg mining area. Both biochars increased rice biomass up to 119% as compared to control. Application of RHB and RWB significantly (p ó 0.05) decreased bioavailable Hg (soluble and exchangeable and specifically-sorbed fractions) concentrations by 55?71% and 67?72%, respectively. The addition of RHB significantly decreased MeHg concentrations in the soil. However, RWB (particularly at 3%) increased significantly MeHg concentrations in the soil as compared to the control and RHB treatments, likely due to the increased abundance of Hg-methylation microorganisms (e.g., Geobacter spp., Nitrospira spp.) in the RWB treatments. Both RHB and RWB significantly decreased MeHg concentrations in the rice grain by 55?85%. We estimated a reduction of the PDI of MeHg from 0.26 ?g/ kg bw/d of control to below the reference dose (0.1 ?g/ kg bw/d) of two biochar treatments. Our results highlight the potentiality of RWB and RHB for mitigating MeHg accumulation in rice and reducing PDI of MeHg via rice consumption, which offers a sustainable approach for management of Hg-polluted soils.

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