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Abstract Title: The Influence of pH and Redox Conditions on Long-term Mercury Leaching from Sulfurized, Solidified Waste Mercury by a Serial Batch Leaching Test
Presenter Name: Taketoshi Kusakabe
Company/Institution: Kyoto University
Session: Mercury Treatment / Abatement
Co-Authors: Taketoshi Kusakabe

Abstract Information :

For the environmental sound management of waste mercury, we evaluated the long-term stability of sulfurized, solidified waste mercury by using a serial batch leaching test. Materials for solidification of sulfurized waste mercury were modified sulfur, epoxy resin, and low-alkalinity cement. We investigated the influence of three pH and two redox conditions by repeating a batch leaching test using a liquid to solid ratio (L/S) of 10 for monoliths ten times (L/S = 100, nearly equal to for ca. 500 years). The serial batch leaching test demonstrated the maximum cumulative Hg leaching was 0.1% among all test conditions (more than 99.9% of Hg was retained by three kinds of solidified monolith).

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