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Abstract Title: The Influence of Contact Time Between Hg Reach Flue Gas and Sorbents on Hg(0) Capture in Two Kinds of Laboratory Reactor
Presenter Name: YINYOU DENG
Company/Institution: AGH Doctoral School, AGH University of Science and Technology
Session: Mercury Emissions: Monitoring and Analysis
Co-Authors: YINYOU DENG, Mariusz Macherzyński

Abstract Information :

The mercury emission reduction technologies and new sorbent designed technologies for mercury removal have attracted much attention in recent decades. In this study, copper sulfide (CuS) and copper oxide (CuO) deposits were applied as sorbents to reduce the concentration of Hg(0) from the simulated flue gas. The same laboratory set-up was used but with different kinds of laboratory sorption reactors, where the sort of contact time and the contact between sorbents and simulated gas were different. The reactors were of two kinds:
1) fixed-bed, perpendicular flow, multiply serial vessel type,
2) immobilized sorbent, coaxial multiply tube module type.

A total of 200 mg of sorbent was used in each reactor and experiment. The granulate form sorbents were implemented in a fixed-bed type reactor, and the sorbent coated tubes were implemented in an immobilized type reactor. Both sorbents and reactor types were tested for Hg(0) capture effectiveness in: (i) a hot air/Hg(0) mixture, (ii) simulated flue gas mixed with Hg(0) in the laboratory desulfurization system switched off and on, and (iii) simulated flue gas switched off and a hot air/Hg(0) mixture again. The contact time in the fixed-bed type and the immobilized type reactor was 0.04 s and 0.63 s, respectively. The average Hg(0) capture effectiveness during all periods of experiment with use of CuO (granulate) and CuS (granulate) in the fixed-bed reactor was 51% and 67%, respectively. The average Hg(0) capture effectiveness in all periods of experiment with use of CuO (coated) and CuS (coated) in the immobilized type reactor was 65 % and 94%, respectively. More specified results of Hg(0) capture effectiveness under various gas conditions were carefully studied.

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