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Abstract Title: Study of atmospheric mercury and other trace elements emission standards for coal-fired power plants in China
Presenter Name: XIAOXUAN BAI
Session: Mercury Emissions: Monitoring and Analysis
Co-Authors: XIAOXUAN BAI,Zhihui Guo

Abstract Information :

Mercury and other trace elements can pose adverse effects to the environment and human health. However, as one of the dominant atmospheric mercury other trace elements emitters, a loose emission limit is applied in Chinese coal-fired power plants (CFPPs), which might result in ineffective pollution control. In this study, the mercury and other trace elements emission standards of coal-fired power plants (CFPPs) between China and developed countries and the emission status in Chinese CFPPs were systematically evaluated to explore the feasibility and recommendations for establishing standards in the future. Results indicated that fewer species of trace element pollutants were currently restricted in China, and the existing emission limit for the single element (mercury and its compounds, 30 æg/m3) was relatively laxer compared with CFPPs in developed countries. Moreover, the stack concentration of mercury in most plants was lower than 10?15 æg/m3, indicating the current emission standard has failed to play a viable role in limiting the atmospheric mercury emission from Chinese CFPPs. Therefore, we suggested that the current atmospheric mercury emission limit for Chinese CFPPs should be revised and emission limits for other toxic trace elements could be introduced when revised emission standards for coal-fired power plants in the future, to better protect the ecosystem and human health and promote the successful fulfillment of the Minamata Convention on Mercury.

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