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Abstract Title: Statistical Evaluation of Passive Atmospheric Mercury Samplers
Presenter Name: Xoliswa Job
Company/Institution: Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group, Chemical Resource Beneficiation, North-West University
Session: Special Session - Mercury in the Southern Hemisphere
Co-Authors: Xoliswa Job,Pieter van Zyl,Lynwill Martin,Kerneels Jaars,Willard Zvarevashe,Micky Josipovic

Abstract Information :

Mercury is a toxic element that is transported regionally and globally in the atmosphere, necessitating the development of new techniques to monitor these species. Passive samplers developed for the monitoring of atmospheric mercury offers a cost-effective alternative sampling method. Furthermore, these samplers are simple to operate, does not require electricity, and can be deployed in remote regions, which can contribute to an increased spatial resolution for regions that have restricted access. A few studies have been conducted to statistically evaluate atmospheric passive air samplers (MerPAS) in relation to active in situ instruments. Such comparisons are crucial in the development of these passive samplers and proving their capability to measure atmospheric mercury concentrations accurately. Therefore, the aim of this study is to conduct a thorough statistical assessment of MerPAS with active atmospheric mercury measurements (Tekran? 2537X) conducted at the regional atmospheric monitoring site, Welgegund in South Africa. This site is impacted by the most significant anthropogenic source regions in the South African interior and a relatively clean sector to the west, which makes it ideal for such a comparison.

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