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Abstract Title: New Almaden CA - Sources and Issues at a Large Mine
Presenter Name: Michael F Cox
Company/Institution: New Almaden Quicksilver County Park Association
Session: Mercury in Contaminated Sites
Co-Authors: Michael F Cox

Abstract Information :

There are few operating mercury mines today. In the past mining was widespread, although typically short-term during periods of high demand. Even short-term mining could result in significant mercury releases due to mercury biomagnification. Legacy pollution at large mercury mining sites are especially challenging, due to the far greater mass and areal extent of coincidental mercury releases. The mining can impact soil, water, air, and biota. A review of legacy mercury mining sources and remedial work at New Almaden, California, USA provides useful comparative information for researchers that might be conducting studies and/or cleanup at other mines. The New Almaden mine is the world's fifth largest former mercury mine as ranked by production. Today the mine is home to one of only a handful of mercury mining museums and interpretive centers in the world.

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