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Abstract Title: Mercury Speciation and Emission from Medical Waste Incineration Plants in Northern China
Presenter Name: Yang Chen
Company/Institution: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Session: Mercury Emissions: Monitoring and Analysis
Co-Authors: Yang Chen,Liyuan Liu,Feng Qinzhong

Abstract Information :

Flue gas mercury emissions from two medical waste incineration plants in Northern China used rotary klin (RK) and pyrolysis furnace (PF) systems, respectively, were sampled using the Ontario Hydro (OH) method. The calculated THg emission factors were much higher than that reported for municipal waste incineration plants by MFA method. Most of the Hg in medical waste incineration plants were distributed in slag and flue gas. The total Hg removal efficiency could reach 90.03%. Coincidentally, it was also found that the Hg emission consisted of Hg2+, followed by Hg0 and Hgp species.

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