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Abstract Title: Human exposure to mercury in a population in northern Colombia
Presenter Name: María Claudia Kerguelén Sánchez
Company/Institution: University of Córdoba
Session: Human Exposure and Risk Assessment of Hg
Co-Authors: Mar¡a Claudia Kerguel‚n S nchez

Abstract Information :

The objective of the research is to analyze the exposure conditions and their relationship with total mercury (THg) concentrations in the hair of inhabitants of the municipality of Turbo (Antioquia Department, northern Colombia) due to the effects of gold mining in the Atrato river basin in Colombia. The analysis was performed by describing the sociodemographic and environmental conditions in the study area using the information collected through questionnaires. Total mercury concentrations in hair (n=326) were determined by direct analysis with a DMA 80 and related to sociodemographic and environmental conditions. The evaluation of the relationship between the sociodemographic and environmental conditions and the results of THg concentrations was performed through a multiple logistic regression model, estimating the relative risk "odds ratio"" (OR) with confidence intervals (95% CI) and a significance value p"

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