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Abstract Title: Gold Certification and Sustainability in Brazilian Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining
Presenter Name: Zuleica Castilhos
Session: Mercury in Artisanal Gold Mining
Co-Authors: Zuleica Castilhos,Lillian Domingos

Abstract Information :

Gold certification from Artisanal and Small Scale Gold Mining (ASGM) is an attractive prospect to stimulate changes in process contributing to the development of clean and sustainable practices. There are some certified gold guarantee seal, such as Fairmined, which is backed by a certification system with traceability requirements, considering responsible socio-environmental practices, and promoting actions for the sustainability of the activity. This study discusses the feasibility of certification of Fairmined gold in Brazilian ASGM taking into account the technological, social and legal features. The study addressed the methodology to select ASGM study areas by mapping the legal areas and stakeholders, who were consulted. Twelve ASGM areas were were selected based on their potential to accomplish the requirements described in the Fairmined Standard legal aspects, access, receptivity by goldminers and governmental and/or non- governmental organizations supports and studied. Semi-structured questionnaires with questions about environmental protection, legalization, decent work conditions and human, economic, social and cultural rights were developed and applied. Analysis based on all information collected from technical visits supported the recommendation of candidate areas with fewer gaps to start the process of certification according to Fairmined Standard. The ASGM communities studied were interested in participating in the certification process, if they were submitted to it, although some social and environmental difficulties were observed, which some of them depend on public policies. The results also showed that the Fairmined system has the potential to be implemented with great chances of success in 5 from the total of 12 ASGM areas visited. Although ASGM small areas (

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