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Abstract Title: Development of a Mercury Dry Deposition Product for National Atmospheric Deposition Program
Presenter Name: Muge Yasar
Company/Institution: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Session: Atmospheric Hg cycling: Source and Emissions
Co-Authors: Muge Yasar

Abstract Information :

Assessing emission, transport, atmospheric chemistry, and deposition processes of mercury (Hg) is vital to understanding the impact of mercury pollution on the environment and human health. Over the last decades, significant advances in determining speciation, deposition, and transport of atmospheric mercury have been made (Gaffney and Marley, 2014; Selin, 2009; Mason et al., 2005; Schroeder and Munthe, 1998). Yet, there is still a considerable gap in knowledge of mercury dry deposition and identifying temporal and geographical patterns. In order to advance the state of the science, this study aims to present a new product of an estimate of dry deposition using speciated Hg data collected at the Atmospheric Mercury Network (AMNet) sites and dry deposition models developed by Zhang and He (2014) and Bash (2010) for the National Atmospheric Deposition Program (NADP). As a case study, atmospheric mercury dry deposition in different land cover types around four AMNet sites in North America was estimated for ten years period from 2009 to 2019. Sites were selected based on data quality and data record completeness for AMNet network locations. Determining spatial and temporal patterns of Hg dry deposition was the study's key contribution. We found that mercury dry deposition levels have increased in the long term for all 4 study sites even concentrations and wet deposition levels have decreased. Also, the findings show how ambient Hg data may be used to create continuous dry deposition estimates, allowing for systematic modeling of mercury deposition to address trends and support the success of mercury reduction strategies.

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