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Abstract Title: Case study on the application of low-temperatureplasma integration technology for the treatmentmercury-containing waste gas from the crushingprocess of waste fluorescent lamps
Presenter Name: Feng Qinzhong
Company/Institution: University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Session: Special Session - Assessing the effectiveness of the Minamata Convention on Mercury under climate uncertainties
Co-Authors: Feng Qinzhong

Abstract Information :

Because mercury has the characteristics of volatility, toxicity and global migration, mercury pollution has become a hot, difficult and focus issue of global concern. Based on China?s environmental technology verification method, the case study for low-temperature plasma integrated technology for the treatment mercury-containing exhaust gas in the treatment process of waste fluorescent lamps was carried out. The total gaseous mercury in the exhaust gas after treatment was less than 0.01mg/m3, which met the emission limit requirements in the Emission Standard (GB16297-1996). The pulse voltage of the plasma power supply is 10-35kV, the pulse current is 8-160A, and the pulse frequency is100-1000Hz. Case study showed that low temperature plasma integrated treatment technology is the available technology for advanced treatment of mercury-containing waste gas.

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