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Abstract Title: Atmospheric Mercury Deposition in Global Snow and Ice
Presenter Name: Jia Guo
Company/Institution: Tsinghua University
Session: Special Session - Assessing the effectiveness of the Minamata Convention on Mercury under climate uncertainties
Co-Authors: Jia Guo,Qinqin Chen,qingru Wu

Abstract Information :

Atmospheric mercury pollution is one of the most challenging contemporary global environmental problems.ÿÿDue to the limited available temporal and spatial coverage of monitoring data, it is difficult to obtain a holistic picture of past and current status of global mercury depositions, thus hindering the assessment of the effectiveness of the Minamata Convention on Mercury.ÿTo fill the research gap in the understanding of the change in levels of global mercury deposition, this study aims to utilize natural archives of snow and ice across the globe to establish a database of mercury depositions in the polar, mountainous and plateau areas over the past 200 years. Possible reasons that lead to such variations over time and space will be analyzed along with published emission inventory studies. Last, mercury stocks in global snow and ice will be estimated, based on which the potential impacts of re-emission of the stock from melting snow and ice due to climate change will be discussed.

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