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Abstract Title: Influence of Burdekin Falls Dam on Mercury Aquatic Toxicity Risk in the Burdekin River System, Queensland Australia.
Presenter Name: Fiona Henderson
Company/Institution: University of Queensland
Session: Special Session - Mercury in the Southern Hemisphere
Day and Session: Wednesday 27th July - Session One
Start Time: 06:30 UTC
Co-Authors: Fiona Henderson

Abstract Information :

The Upper Burdekin River feeds into Lake Dalrymple (volume: 1,860,000 ML), impounded by the Burdekin Falls Dam (BFD) (height: 55m, length: 876 m) supplying irrigation to sugarcane cultivation in the Burdekin estuary and cattle in the upper catchment. Overspill occurs almost annually during the wet-season at the BFD (96868.7 ML/day, Jan 2022). The barrier of the dam wall can cause ?sieving? during major flooding events, coarser sediment material (>10 æm) is retained by the dam wall, while finer suspended fractions (clay and silt,

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