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Abstract Title: Creating a national sectoral action plan for reducing mercury emissions from coal utilities
Presenter Name: Lesley Sloss
Company/Institution: International Centre for Sustainable Carbon
Session: Energy/ Fossil Fuels
Day and Session: Thursday 28th July - Session Three
Start Time: 12:00 UTC
Co-Authors: Lesley Sloss

Abstract Information :

Knowledge is power and plant-specific data are key to creating a cost-effective mercury emission reduction plan. As the Minamata Convention timeline advances, many countries now have limited time remaining to evaluate emissions from their coal plants and to determine how they plan to control and, where feasible, reduce these emissions before their national deadline. This talk will summarise how plant-specific data in Indonesia have been key to determining how best to reduce mercury emissions from the coal sector. The presentation will also outline how the approach can be replicated in other countries, even when only minimal data are available. New data from India, focussing on the specific challenge of reducing emissions from high-ash coals, will be included.
This project work has been completed under a generous grant from the US Department of State

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