CEM 2022 - Conference Programme

Day1 - Wendesday 2nd March 2022
Time Title Speaker Company Country
Mercury Emissions Monitoring - (Session Chairs : Robert Baxter) (9:00 - 12:20)
09:00 VIP and Opening
09:30 Mercury Speciation Measurements from Boiler to Stack Timothy Rodak Clean Air Engineering United States
09:50 Continuous mercury emission monitoring in Europe - challenges of the new BREF Florian Greiter SICK Germany
10:10 Quality assurance of mercury monitoring systems and new innovations Ken Roberts Gasmet Technologies (UK) United Kingdom
Coffee and Posters (10:30 - 11:00)
11:00 A Story of Response to a Changing Landscape of Mercruy Emissions Limitations - and prospective Analogies under the EU BREF Guidelines Karl Wilber Tekran Instruments United States
11:20 Continuous Mercury Emission Monitoring with Long-term Sampling on Sorption Traps - Experiences at flue gas temperatures of 200°C Juergen Reinman ENVEA Deutschland Germany
11:40 SRM EN 13211 isokinetic sampling coupled with on-line and continuous analytical system for Mercury speciation in flue gas: waste water treatment sludge in a combustion / co-combustion municipal solid waste incinerator case-study Paolo Lopinto TCR Tecora Italy
12:00 Stack Emissions Monitoring using Mercury CEMS: An Overview of Quality Assurance Requirements David Graham Uniper Technologies United Kingdom
Lunch and Posters (12:20 - 14:00)
Regulation - (Session Chairs : Rod Robinson & David Graham) (14:00 - 17:00)
14:00 New BAT and its challenges Nathalie Kinga Kowalski Eurometaux Belgium
14:20 Impact of uncertainties on implementation of newly reviewed Waste Incineration BAT Conclusions Lighea Speziale CEWEP Belgium
14:40 Implementation of BAT Conclusions in the Polish cement industry Bozena Sroda The Polish Cement Association Poland
15:00 WI BAT conclusions and changes in emissions monitoring - What should you know? Kristian Hentelä Gasmet Technologies Finland
Coffee and Posters (15.20 - 15.50)
15:50 India's Environmental regulation- A customized real-time monitoring with global standards Sanjeev K. Kanchan Adage Automation India
16:10 Regulation of large industrial installations within the European Union David Graham Uniper Technologies Ltd United Kingdom
16:30 Industrial Emission Directive (IED) implementation updated with focus on calibration and instrumentation gases necessary to comply with the new regulatory requirements Roberto Parola Linde Germany
16:50 The new MCP directive and the monitoring solutions recommended and adapted for gas monitoring Jerome LEFRANCOIS ENVEA France
Day2 - Thursday 3rd March 2022
Time Title Speaker Company Country
Standards and Quality - (Session Chairs : Rod Robinson & David Graham (09:15 - 12:40)
09:15 The development of Standards in Europe to meet Regulatory needs Rod Robinson National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
09:35 Monte-Carlo model to investigate uncertainty in reported annual mass emissions using EN 14181 and EN 16911 Thomas Smith National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
09:55 TBC
10:15 Scents in the Stack: Olfactometric Proficiency Testing with an Emission Simulation Apparatus Dominik Wildanger Hessian Agency for Natur Conservation, Environment and Geology Germany
Coffee and Posters (10:35 - 11:05)
11:05 Experience with the application of EN ISO 16911-1 for flow monitoring and the guidance document EN TR 17078:2017 Chris Dimopoulos National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
11:25 Spatial uncertainty contributions for emissions monitoring based on EN 15259 David Graham Uniper Technologies United Kingdom
11:45 EN 17255 - The world's first international Data Acquisition and Handling System standard Christoph Becker ABB Automation Germany
12:05 Results from a blind comparison of sulphate measurements by accredited laboratories and the implications for monitoring SO2 emissions within the IED uncertainty limits Marc Coleman National Physical Laboratory United Kingdom
12:25 Overcoming the SO3 interference on the SO2 and Dust CEMS calibration Frans Blank DNV GL - Energy Netherlands
Lunch and Posters (12:45 - 14:10)
Best Practice in Monitoring Methods - (Session Chairs : Roger Brown) (14:10 - 17:00)
14:10 TBC
14:30 Monitoring of unconventional gas molecules to reduce costs of emissions treatment Olivier Le Mauguen Blue Industry and Science France
14:50 High performance gas analysis (ULTRA.sens) for NO, NO2, SO2 measurement based on NDUV and UVRAS technology Gerhard Wiegleb Wi.Tec-Sensorik Germany
15:10 A Review of Particulate Monitoring in the US Robert Baxter B3 Systems United States
Coffee and Posters (15:30 - 16:00)
16:00 High speed and low noise detection modules for mid-infrared spectroscopy systems Mateusz Zbik VIGO System Poland
16:20 Optimize industrial processes with quantum cascade laser technology Emmanuel Thierry Emerson Automation Solutions Switzerland
16:40 Formaldehyde & hydrogen fluoride analysis in CEM : Performances Philippe Fayolle AP2E France
17:00 Determination of measurement uncertainty associated with methane concentration in sample bag using one-point close-match calibration with standard gas cylinder Namgoo Kang Korea Research Institute of Science and Technology and University of Science and Technology South Korea
Day2 - Thursday 3rd March 2022 (Parallel Session)
Time Title Speaker Company Country
Fence line monitoring & measurement of fugitive/diffuse emissions - (Session Chairs : Roger Brown) (9:15 - 12:00)
09:15 Advancements in Quantitative Optical Gas Imaging Steve Beynon FLIR United Kingdom
09:35 Combined VOCs and odor monitoring for real-time surveillance & optimization of chemical and odor control unit Louis Vivola Chromatotec France
09:55 Challenges to Implementation and Future of Fence Line Monitoring Chirag Bhimani Independent Consultant India
Coffee and Posters (10:10 - 11:00)
11:05 Use of Next Generation Air Monitoring Sensors in Industrial Applications Volker Schmid Clean Air Engineering United States
11:25 Determination of VOCs: from stacks to urban through innovative Analysers Eugenio Indrigo Pollution Analytical Equipment Italy
11:45 Measuring and understanding industrial diffuse dust emissions Hege Indresand NORCE Norwegian Research Centre Norway
Lunch and Posters (12:00 - 14:10)
Innovative Measurement Technology (14:10 - 17:00)
14:10 Multi-component tunable laser analyzers for real time process control and emission monitoring Pawel Kluczynski Airoptic Poland
14:30 Complete mobile solution for emission monitoring of mercury Jochen Weh LumexAnalytics Germany
14:50 Multiple Solutions to follow up the new regulation EN15267-4/ Portable measurements using new technolgies Natalie Kühn SK-Elektronik Germany
15:10 DeNOx Monitoring in Tail Gas of Nitric Acid Plants Jörn Baasner SICK Germany
Coffee and Posters (15:30 - 16:00)
16:00 Method and instrumentation for direct measurement of corrosive species from combustion Erkki Lamminen Dekati Finland
16:20 Total Environmental and Process Control in Energy from Waste: Case Study Simon Kirk ENVEA United Kingdom
16:40 TBC
17:00 Continuous Hg measurement to optimize hg reduction measures Verena Buchem Durag Germany
Day3 - Friday 4th March 2022
Time Title Speaker Company Country
Regulation - (Session Chairs : Rod Robinson & David Graham) (09:15 - 10:55)
09:15 North American and European approaches to CEMS DAHS quality assurance and control Serge Bays Limesoft Canada
09:35 Semicontinuous analysis of dioxins & furans from stack gas emissions: new trends in analysis Rivera-Austrui Joan Techno Spec S.L. Spain
09:55 Implementation of real time monitoring system in the state of Maharashtra in India-Case Study Vidyanand Motghare Maharashtra Pollution Control Board India
10:15 Trends and Developments in global CEMs and its impacts on Probe Sampling Jörg Erens AGT-PSG Germany
10:35 Benefits of long-term sampling of dioxin emissions vs short-term sampling Werner Tirler Eco-Research Italy
Coffee and Posters (10:55 - 11:25)
Innovative Measurement Technology (11:25 - 12:20)
11:25 Innovative & reliable continuous emission monitoring technology for gases Pritesh M Shah Prima Equipment India
11:45 Novel, real-time measurements of ethylene oxide using a Cavity Ring-Down Spectrometer (CRDS) Gregor Lucic Picarro United States
12:05 Online Continuous Emission Monitoring System Prafull Rathi LogicLadder Technologies India