CEM - Abstract

Abstract Title: Multi-component tunable laser analyzers for real time process control and emission monitoring
Presenter Name: Dr Pawel Kluczynski
Company/Organisation: Airoptic Sp. z o.o.
Country: Poland

Abstract Information :

In this paper we report, applications of multi-tunable laser analyzers for real time process control and emission monitoring. Thanks to application of a multi-laser technique it was possible to extend TDL technology to multi-species detection in a single analyzer for in-situ, extractive and open path analyzers. Multi-component tunable laser analyzers have been already successfully proven in field in various industrial processes. A few recent examples of applications of such systems for industrial application are presented. One of the applications is simultaneous control of both selective catalytic reduction as well as desulphurization processes in a waste incinerator plant [1] and the second an extractive type C1-iC5 analyzer for selective detection of hydrocarbon species in a refining process. The multi-species analyzers can also be configured to measure in addition ammonia and carbon monoxide. The analyzers are compatible with the same process interface as single gas tunable devices and thus an existing infrastructure for single gas TDL analyzers can be utilized. The analyzer requires no calibration on-site thanks to built-in reference cell. The systems are operational 24/7 in continuous mode with very little maintenance required. [1] Pawel Kluczynski, “Tunable laser C1-C5 analyzer for process control”. PEFTEC, Rotterdam (2019) [2] Pawel Kluczynski “Multi-laser in-situ analyzer for real time control of deSOx and deNOx processes in a waste incinerator plant”, ISA AD Symposium,Galveston, USA (2019)