WWEM 2021 WIPAC Flow and Pollution Forums Conference


Water professionals and anyone with an interest in water or wastewater can register for free at this year’s WWEM (Water, Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring) virtual conference and exhibition. Pre-registration will provide access to a comprehensive conference programme that will address all of the most topical water and wastewater issues.

Delegates to the WWEM conference are most likely to be water industry professionals, academics, researchers, students, environmental lobbyists, regulators, government advisors and consultants. Within the water industry, delegates are likely to be those responsible instrumentation and control in both clean and wastewater, as well as water resource managers, process controllers, compliance managers, analytical staff and many more.

Conference themes

Topical issues in the water sector include important issues such as pollution control in receiving waters, CSO spills, data management, climate change and stakeholder engagement. These themes will be addressed by the conference presentations and training sessions, and the event platform will provide a digital library or resources such as videos for registered delegates to access.

In common with previous WWEM events, wastewater flow monitoring will be addressed by several speakers, offering advice on how to obtain and utilise accurate, reliable data. This will include presentations on new technologies and techniques.

The sessions on water pollution and environmental protection will undoubtedly generate the greatest debate as speakers discuss issues such as:

In addition to conference sessions on flow and water quality monitoring, there will also be two half-day workshops/roundtables that will address similar subjects in an informal manner; providing invited speakers and delegates with a thought-provoking discussion forum. Running for around 60-90 minutes, the two themes for this year’s event are “Wastewater-based epidemiology” and the “Race to Net-Zero”.

The Conference and Workshop sessions are being organised by Oliver Grievson, who says: “The virtual nature of the 2021 event will mean that delegates can dip in and out of the event from the comfort and convenience of their own desk, tablet or mobile phone.

“I used to work for Anglian Water, and I remember bringing a small group of technicians to a WWEM event. They all found the visit exciting and extremely useful because they learned a great deal from the presentations and from the interactions that they had with instrument manufacturers. WWEM 2021 will be a virtual event, so I hope that staff from all sections of the water industry will be able to log in from wherever they are at the time of the event, to take advantage of this opportunity.

“In the past, the physical WWEM events have provided a great opportunity for the water sector to explain the monitoring challenges that they face to the supply chain, and this has greatly improved the relevance of product development. I very much hope therefore that this year’s virtual event will provide the same opportunities for knowledge sharing.”