Swan - global leading provider of online water quality analytical systems

Swan is a global leading provider of online water quality analytical systems, and our instruments are distinguished by their reliability, quality, and flexibility. Swans’ comprehensive portfolio is entirely dedicated to water analysis providing cost efficient as well as low maintenance solutions. Every instrument is manufactured at our Swiss Headquarters and each step, from the machine part to the final assembly, undergoes multiple quality inspections and extensive wet bench testing with subsequent factory calibration as the final step in the production process.  Swan provides instrumentation to measure and record key water quality parameters including Turbidity, Chlorine, Organics, pH, Conductivity, Nitrate, Dissolved Oxygen and Phosphate.

Swan has recently added to its portfolio with the addition of Seres OL, now ensuring a more comprehensive line of water quality instrumentation.  Seres OL Analysers cover a wide range of applications including Ammonium, Alkalinity, Aluminium, COD, Colour, Iron, Manganese, TOC, Silica and Oil in Water.

Our You Tube Channel offers more information on our comprehensive product range, service maintenance demonstrations, and webinars. Please go to: https://www.youtube.com/c/swananalyticalinstruments