PROFIBUS and PROFINET International to present at WWEM 2018

ProfilbusThis year, two of the world’s largest environmental monitoring events, WWEM 2018 and AQE 2018, will take place at the same time and location. PROFIBUS & PROFINET International - PI UK recognises the importance of these events, and is a regular supporter.

At the events, Derek Lane will take the time to explain IIoT, IND4.0 from IND1.0 and Big Data. How PROFINET is placed as the ideal Industrial Fieldbus to fulfil the above, how it’s implemented and why you should consider it.

Peter Thomas will speak about the ever-increasing use of high frequency switching devices in industrial automation which can result in high frequency currents circulating in an equipotential bonding network. This presentation will discuss the issues in more detail and will explain the relevance of the recently released PI guidelines “Functional Bonding and Shielding for PROFIBUS and PROFINET.”

Chris McComb will address areas of concern within the water industry, covering: concept design, installation, training and non-conformance.

Dave Evans will discuss what a typical IO-Link solution consists of, how it interfaces to the control system and the benefits that can be derived from this increased level of communication with IO-Link devices.

Lastly, Richard Needham will outline what can be expected from tools needed to ensure that new PROFIBUS connected installations provide robust, long lasting operational reliability and resilience. He will outline what can be expected of such tools, how and when they should be used and the important network performance indicators that can be checked.

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