Lab Solutions are proud to be presenting the EasyChem 200 system, an automated chemistry analyser from SYSTEA S.p.A.

Boasting a number of the Italian companys most sought-after innovations, the EasyChem 200 is among the most reliable, efficient and versatile automated analysers on the market. Not only is the system capable of performing direct readings at a remarkable rate of two-hundred tests per hour, the EasyChem 200 also offers adjustable parameters for every sample inputted. And with a reagent consumption of only a few millilitres per analysis, the EasyChem 200 remains a uniquely cost-effective option for chemistry laboratories across the country.

To learn more about the EasyChem 200 and the entire range of Lab Solutionscutting-edge products, visit our virtual stand at the 2021 WWEM Exhibition. With over thirty years of experience, our Lab Solutions technicians can provide expert guidance and advice to those interested in the possibilities of systems like the EasyChem 200 in their laboratories.