FLEXIM is delighted to exhibit at WWEM 2021 and will be showcasing expert flow solutions delivering significant CAPEX, OPEX and TOTEX savings

•      Wastewater SPS Metering

•      Dead Mag Meter Replacers

•      Large Ø Distribution Input, Trunk Main & Reservoir Metering

•      Buried or Submerged Metering

Learn how FLEXIM meters can be installed where previously thought impossible, providing compliance with:

•      Pass Forward Flow

•      Flow to Full Treatment

•      MCERTS monitoring

Discover flow measurement that assists reduced storm overflow sewage discharges, or at critical pumping stations working within consent limits.

Achieve early warning of flow outside consent, directing operatives to the most critical sites before costly overspills occur.

Hear how FLEXIMs meters are the most cost-effective solution to a dead electromagnetic meter or for large Ø pipes. e.g. Distribution Input metering.

Discover why water companies who once said, Well never bury a meter again”, changed view & buried FLEXIM meters for minimum CAPEX & optimum peace of mind.