ECH Elektrochemie Halle have developed a unique H2S Analyser for Water & Wastewater analysis

The Sulfimax GX range consists of three instruments, all using the same detection principle, and all are specifically designed to cater to the water and wastewater industries. The Sulfimax GX Go, Sulfimax GX Lab and Sulfimax GX Online all conform to the new DIN method 38405-27 which is the “German standards method for the examination of water, wastewater and sludge - Determination of sulfide by gas extraction method”. The Sulfimax GX determines hydrogen sulfide and volatile sulfide in both liquid and gas samples. By using effective gas extraction, the H2S is completely expelled from the sample. Any potential interferences due to the sample matrix do not occur and the released H2S gas in conducted to the highly sensitive electrochemical sensor which can detect H2S in the range of 0.01ppm through to 10,000ppm. The three available configurations of the Sulfimax GX range are;

Sulfimax GX Lab – Laboratory based instrument, can be used as a manual injection system for single sample analysis, or coupled with autosampler for high throughput water analysis. ECH H2S Headspace module also available as an extension module for solid and pasty samples. The determination of volatile H2S in solid and pasty samples is available with this extension. It is connected directly to the Sulfimax, and the sample is heated isothermally without pre-treatment in a sealed headspace vessel and analysed.

Sulfimax GX Go – Portable, compact version of the Lab system. Uses the same detection techniques and software but affords the user the ability to collect and analyse the sample directly from the sampling point. The Sulfimax GX Go has an integrated handle for portability, as well as a built in battery meaning continuous power connection is not required. 

Sulfimax GX Online - The Sulfimax GX Online continuously measures hydrogen sulfide and sulfides in wastewater and other aqueous samples quickly and accurately. This is important for timely and on demand intervention in process streams and wastewater treatment procedures. Sample dosing available from a transfer line, up to 30m long and 5m depth. In the ATEX compliant version, the analysis system is suitable for use in potentially explosive environments (ATEX zone 1 (gas) according to DIN EN IEC 60079-2.