Caption Data - Home for IoT, M2M & Remote Monitoring

Our mission at Caption Data is to give your business a rapid, seamless, and well-supported immersion into IoT. De-risking the implementation of your strategy by utilising the expertise of our highly skilled teams. IoT can add value in many areas in an organisation, so whether you know exactly what you require, or you need our guidance, Caption Data is here to provide that. Caption Data's IoT solutions can in turn help you unlock more touchpoints with your customers. Helping you build stronger relationships with more opportunities. Therefore, Caption Data work closely with you, so that you can work more closely with them.

Your data transformed with the CDLSmartHub

Through the CDLSmartHub you can manage, monitor, and visualise your data in a way that suits you, whether that's in dashboard KPI, graph, or global map view.

In House Expertise

Furthermore, Caption Data have in-house firmware, hardware software, and server engineers. Caption Data also have an administration team geared solely to delivering scalable Industrial IoT solutions. Caption Data's products have onboard intelligence as standard. Allowing local, real-time monitoring of data against pre-set criteria, and instant reporting when necessary.