ICMGP 2022 - Under Represented Group Grant Form

A principal goal of the International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP) conference series is to increase participation by under-represented groups. We address to graduate students and early-stage researchers as well as to representatives of developing nations involved with the mercury problem. To increase participation of these groups at the 15th ICMGP, financial assistance towards conference registration fee is being offered. This will be in the form of a waiver to the registration fee.

Who is a member of an under-represented group?

  1. Representatives of developing countries addressing mercury pollution that are underrepresented at the conference (e.g Africa, S-America and SE-Asia)
  2. Students conducting research on mercury who, without financial support, would be unable to attend the conference
  3. Representatives of communities affected by mercury pollution
  4. List of countries that are seen as under-represented but are not limited to https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/developing-countries

How does one apply?

Complete the application form here below.

When is the application deadline?

30 June, 2022

What criteria will be used to evaluate applications?

  1. Students and early-stage researchers
    • Applicants must be affiliated with a recognized university and be in good standing at the time of conference attendance
    • Applicants must be an active participant in the meeting, i.e. deliver a paper, poster as author or co-author
    • Submit a short paragraph on how attending the 15th ICMGP would benefit their academic career
    • Submit the accepted abstract or abstract ID from the conference
  2. Representatives from developing nations involved with the mercury as NGO’s or Government Officials
    • Applications must come from developing countries (special focus on countries in Africa, South- America and SE-Asia) where mercury is a known issue
    • Applicants may be from either the research or policy area of expertise
    • Applicants must submit a short paragraph on how attending the 15th ICMGP will benefit your institution, country or career in regards to the mercury issue.

When will you be notified of the status of your application?


Please describe, briefly, why you wish to attend and how you will benefit from attending the virtual ICMGP 2022 conference

In receiving the registration support for the 15th International Conference of Mercury as a Global Pollutant, I commit to attending the ICMGP conference held July 24 to July 29, 2022