AQESHOW - Exhibitor - Protea

The complete gas analysis solution provider for industry and research

Through the commercialisation and application of new technologies, Protea Ltd delivers customer-focused solutions for emission, process and research gas monitoring. With an in-depth knowledge of analytical techniques, system integration and turn-key engineering, Protea can provide the solution to any gas detection and measurement application.

As a UK manufacturer of analysers using a range of technologies – IR, UV, FTIR, TDL and QMS – Protea can support the entire system from the analyser, software optimisation, systems automation and on-going service and support. Our core areas of expertise are for stack and marine emissions, where we are leading in the development of controlling global environmental emissions, pollution reduction and process improvement. Protea’s analysers can be applied to fixed applications, often in demanding environments, or portable monitoring tools to support environmental test laboratories and researchers.



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