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Cambustion offers ultra-fast ambient NO and NO2 measurement with response times of 100 milliseconds and sensitivity to a few parts-per-billion enabling measurement of roadside pollution caused by individual vehicles, real time plume dispersion studies, vehicle cabin air vent concentrations and raw exhaust gas emissions measurements.

Developed from Cambustion’s existing range of exhaust gas analyzers, this portable, sensitive yet ultra-fast version for air quality work has been developed in response to many researchers requesting faster real time data with a strong emphasis on identifying “gross emitters” entering urban environments and clean air zones.

The equipment is also useful for rapid “spot-checking” of idling vehicles or to assess the effectiveness of natural or man-made barriers such as hedges or bus shelters to shield humans from the sometimes alarmingly high instantaneous concentrations of NOx which can be inhaled on the sidewalk. More details including specimen applications available at


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