AQESHOW 2018 - Exhibitor - Earthsense

Company: Earthsense
Stand No: 3
Address: Dock, 75 Exploration Drive
Country: United Kingdom
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Company Profile
EarthSense air quality specialists provide expert services in air pollution monitoring, modelling and data provision, delivering solutions that enable the world to visualise and manage air quality issues. We are a UK-based company passionate about fighting air pollution and reducing its health, environment and economic impacts. Our clean air ethos is: Measure. Model. Act. EarthSense offers a superior user experience with dedicated technical support delivered by outstanding personnel and the use of big data and analytics. Provided within a thriving business culture of innovation and science, our air pollution modelling and monitoring services make a real difference to people’s lives.
Products on Display at AQESHOW
Offering a complete data solution to air pollution from inception to implementation, EarthSense’s modelling and monitoring products highlight a reputation for technical excellence in air quality services in the UK and abroad. Products include the Zephyr air pollution sensor and versatile modelling programme MappAir.
Zephyr sensor: Born of fifteen years of academic research at the University of Leicester, EarthSense’s Zephyr sensor is specifically engineered by an expert team of developers to be a robust, discrete and accurate air quality monitor with high performance and ease of use. Measuring Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Ozone (O3), Particluate Matter (PM2.5), temperature and humidity as standard, the units return air quality data with exceptional reliability as validated by co-location experiments against DEFRA's Automatic Urban And Rural Network (AURN). The Zephyr sensor takes real time air pollution readings in a range of urban scenarios including building facades, in-car cabins, bicycles, lamp posts, traffic lights and even backpacks. With in-house data handling and access via a bespoke Zephyr Data Portal and web APIs for complete system integration, the visualisation of Zephyr air pollution readings is straight forward and supported by EarthSense staff. Equipped with a convenient replaceable cartridge system, active sampling inlet and optional solar panel, the Zephyr sensor is proving to be a leading name in high performance, low cost small sensors in the air quality sector.
MappAir: EarthSense have created the first ever high-resolution nationwide map of air pollution, now with historical data for the years 2014-2017. Providing a powerful and useful way to visualise annual average concentrations of air pollutants like Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Particulate Matter (PM2.5), MappAir exposes invisible trends in air pollution on a national scale. MappAir uses complex modelling techniques to integrate data from emission estimates, satellite data, EarthSense Zephyr sensors and published datasets to literally put air pollution on the map. Created to meet the needs of the conveyancing market by identifying clean and polluted air zones, MappAir also has wide appeal for those challenged with managing and mitigating the problem – governments and councils, research bodies, corporate businesses, community and environmental groups.
EarthSense also create critical components in smart systems, developing interactive apps that can help behavioural change initiatives for car manufacturers as well as anyone with an interest in monitoring the air they breathe.
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