AQESHOW 2017 - Exhibitor - Air Monitors

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Company: Air Monitors
Stand No: 2,3 & 4
Address: 2/3 Miller Court Severn Drive Tewkesbury GL20 8DN

Country: United Kingdom
Represented Companies on this stand Aethlabs
Honeywell Analytics
Magee Scientific
Cooper Environmental
In Air Solutions
AMA Instruments
Thermo Scientific
Company Profile
At Air Monitors, we are driven by a fundamental desire to make accurate, precise and reliable air quality measurements, it’s in our DNA. To deliver this, we continually seek out world class research and manufacturing partners to bring our customers the very best innovative products and technologies. We then support these with helpful, responsive service provision and data management solutions which in turn enables our clients to improve air quality inside and outdoors.
In our booth at AQE we will be showing a wide range of equipment, most of which will be fully operational, including monitors for pollutants gases, particles and aerosols. The latest VOC monitor from Thermo Scientific, a multi gas portable monitor from Honeywell Analytics. New compact DC powered monitors for the direct measurement of NO and NO2, a scrubber-less Ozone monitor with none of the interference's associated with conventional photometers will be shown from 2BTechnologies. In Air Solutions new portable monitors for Formaldehyde and BTEX will also be on display together with a new programmable tube sampler. We will demonstrate the Coriolis bio sampler from Bertin Technologies and also feature their new Radon monitoring systems.
For particulates, come along and see the new Palas FIDAS and FIDAS Frog monitors for PM10 and PM2.5 monitoring running live on the booth or get “hands on” with the range of aerosol monitoring equipment from Brechtel, the leaders in compact and airborne aerosol monitors for research. A new range of micro-aethalometers will also be shown from Aethlabs for mobile and longer term black carbon monitoring and a Magee Scientific AE33 Aethalometer will also be on show. For ambient metals monitoring the Cooper Environmental XACT 625i will be present. The Naneos partector and the Pegasor Urban for nano particle monitoring will also be available to try. AQMesh the leading compact AQ monitor will be strongly featured at our booth and a range of personal and indoor air quality monitors from Alphasense and Acer will be operational in and around the AQE exhibition hall. There is a lot going on at our booth so please don’t miss us at this years exhibition.
We will also present three workshops during the show, one on measuring air quality outside buildings and controlling air quality inside buildings, one on the Palas FIDAS technology for PM monitoring and one on cloud based data applications for air quality monitoring, analysis and reporting.
Products on Display at AQESHOW
In Air Solutions
Aethlabs MA Series
2BTechnologies 205
Bertin Coriolis
Cooper Environmental XACT
Honeywells SPM Flex
Naneos Partector
Fidas Frog
Fidas 100/200
Pegasor IAQ & Urban
Mesalabs Defender
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