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Abstract Title: INDAIRPOLLNET: Driving indoor air pollution research in Europe
Abstract Type: Oral
Session Choice: Air quality Monitoring
Presenter Name: Prof Nicola Carslaw
Company/Organisation: University of York
Country: United Kingdom

Abstract Information :

This presentation will describe some of the key findings from a European network for indoor air quality: INDAIRPOLLNET (INDoor AIR POLLution NETwork INDAIRPOLLNET has been running since September 2018, and has more than 200 indoor and outdoor air quality scientists from universities, large and small companies and research institutes around Europe and beyond. Their expertise covers chemistry, biology, standardisation, household energy, particulate matter characterisation, toxicology, exposure assessment, air cleaning, building materials (including those manufactured specifically to improve IAQ such as bio-based composites and green materials), building physics and engineering (including ventilation and energy) and building design. The aim of our network is to better understand indoor air quality to provide healthier buildings for the future, through designing a blueprint for a future indoor air field campaign. We are considering what air pollutant species we should measure indoors, how to measure them and in what sort of buildings, to make our results as representative as possible.

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