AQESHOW 2018 - Abstract

Abstract Title: Effect of PM size distribution on CEMS response in a large-scale coal CHP plant
Presenter Name: Mr Mikko Moisio
Company/Organisation: Dekati Limited
Country: Finland

Abstract Information :

Continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) are used in power plants to monitor the level of emitted particulate matter from the stack. In order to evaluate which changes affect CEM calibration, it is important to understand the sources of possible changes in PM size distribution inside the stack.

In this study we compared the second by second response of a PM CEM to a non-continuous real-time PM instrument and 2) evaluated the effect of changes in PM size distribution on the CEM response in a large-scale coal CHP plant. To examine the PM size distribution changes, we used the The advantages of the High Temperature ELPI®+ include its capability of measuring PM size distribution in real-time, and directly from the high temperature source.The results show very similar trend for mass concentration for CEM and HT-ELPI®+, but also that the number size distribution shape is significantly different before and after a large baghouse cleaning spike.