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Abstract Title: "Intelligent Particle Sensor" and Canaree Air Quality Monitors
Presenter Name: Mr Vin Ratford
Company/Organisation: Piera Systems
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

Air Pollution caused by Particulate Matter (PM) both indoors and outdoors has been called “A slow moving pandemic. Covid-19 has been proven to spread faster indoors through aerosol transmission of fine particles. This requires more accurate measurement of indoor air particularly for particles smaller than PM1.0. Until now there has been no real-time, accurate, affordable method for measuring air quality especially particles smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2.5). Piera Systems has developed the industry’s first Intelligent PM sensor (IPS) which can sense, measure and identify very fine particles in real-time with size-based categorization. Our family of Canāree Air Quality Monitors uses this sensor to deliver Air Quality Monitoring Solutions.

IPS can detect a wide range of particle sizes allowing for a single sensor to be used in many applications and take advantage of low cost, accurate, real-time data about air quality. The data is used to identify the signature of the Particulate Matter using Machine Learning/AI and algorithms to classify it including vape, smoke, etc. Initial applications include Air Purifiers, Air Quality Monitors, Smart Buildings, HVAC Systems, vape/smoke detectors, industrial monitors (silica dust, etc.) and global sensor networks that monitor Air Quality.

Canāree is a family of highly accurate and easy-to-use Air Quality Monitors that measures air quality in real-time. Canāree works seamlessly with wireless access points, wi-fi, ethernet to start measuring air quality instantly. Included SenseiAQ real-time dashboard gives you simple and intuitive readouts of your air quality. SenseiAQ logs all the data securely to the Microsoft Azure cloud for advanced analytics as well as integration with existing Building Management System (BMS) software. Canāree is easy to install, configure, maintain, and update, so whether you are monitoring a conference room, an entire office park or your home you can quickly determine What’s in your Air?

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