WWEM 2016 - IWA Papers

Paper Title: Using Data for Utility Survival in an Environment of Mandated Conservation
Paper Topic: Others
Presenter Name: Mr Graham Symmonds
Company/Organisation: FATHOM

Paper Information :

There is increasing pressure on water resources as a function of increasing volatility of supply, increasing demand and the fact that our water infrastructure is deteriorating. In response, the California State Water Resources Control Board approved regulations requiring the State’s cities to achieve specific water reductions of 8 to 36%. This mandated conservation will have an immediate impact on revenue. Most utilities are structured with rates that are comprised of a fixed monthly charge and a volumetric charge. In the face of declining revenue, it is imperative to find all the missing revenue that is available to utilities. Utilities need better data and better data systems, particularly as it relates to obtaining information from a number of data sources. Through the intersection of GIS, CIS, AMI, MDM, Infrastructure data, Customer Engagement data, and external sources such as Tax Parcel data, Aerial Photographs, Weather data and Census data we have been able to show an increase in revenue despite (or in support of) per capita demand reductions. Using the intersection of these disparate data sets, utilities have demonstrated the ability to improve revenue on average 7-10%, while reducing demand by 10%. With this revenue, utilities are much more capable of withstanding the conservation shock that regulatory mandates like California’s State Water Resources Control Board will deliver.

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