WWEM 2022

WWEM 2016 - IWA Papers

Paper Title: The Industrial Internet of Things: An Evolution to a Smart Connected Enterprise
Paper Topic: Internet of Things
Presenter Name: Mr Jez Palmer
Company/Organisation: Schneider Electric

Paper Information :

There is continued pressure on water and wastewater utilities to be able to do more with less. The technology included in project scopes resulting from the current AMP6 cycle has shown many, if not all, UK water companies have projects in place that are designed to deliver fully integrated business and operational systems (IT/OT convergence). Critical to achieving these goals is the alignment of operational and process technology with business challenges. The drive from proprietary technologies towards open architecture systems that utilize industry standard protocols has gone a long way to making the UK water industry’s ambitions a reality; however, many are asking today what will be the impact of the next “technological leap”, the Industrial Internet of Things.