PEFTEC - Abstract

Abstract Title: Recent Advances in Tribology Testing for Lubricants and Greases
Abstract Type: Poster
Session Choice: Other
Presenter Name: Dr Raj Shah
Co-authors:Ms Mariz Baslious
Mr Stanley Zhang
Company/Organisation: Koehler Instrument Company, Inc.
Country: United States

Abstract Information :

Tribology was originally focused on the design and effective lubrication of machine components in different industries. Since the start of tribology, this industry has grown exponentially. The focus of the industry has shifted from reliability to energy consumption and efficiency allowing room for creativity for the creation of more complex lubricants for complex problems, without failure in reliability. There are currently five parameters that are used to correctly identify which lubricants and greases are to be used for a component. These include, the type of motion, speed, temperature, load, and the operating environment. Due to the differences in each parameter a different lubricantgrease needs to be used for the component to work correctly. Without lubricants and greases, the friction of two moving surfaces in contact would cause many issues, such as loss of efficiency or equipment damage. With the right lubricants and greases, reductions in friction, wear, and corrosion can be made, along with increases in efficiency and productivity. Koehler Instrument Company has a strong focus in this industry through the development of instrumentation, such as the Benchtop Four Ball Wear and EP Tester, which are designed to conduct tests to determine and identify the correct data of the five parameters that are essential for selection and production of lubricants and greases.rn